Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What the "F" do phones have to do with actors?

In yesterday's post, I made reference to the fact that broadcasters are getting into the telephone industry.
"What does high-speed internet mean to an ACTRA member?
It means that phone companies are going on-line (i.e. - VoiP). It means that the companies that will be contracting actors are ultimately producing content for subsidiaries of parent companies who will be exploiting that content far beyond the "Tuesday night at 8pm" timeslot."
The Globe and Mail ran an article today titled, "Cable Firms Seen
Pushing Into Phone Market" saying:

"The cable giants, including Rogers Communications Inc. and Shaw Communications Inc. will roll out phone service across their entire territory during the year, reaching more clients...the push into the phone market is also helping other cable businesses...It's bolstering demand for basic and digital cable and Internet service, and letting cable operators raise rates"
While this news may not exactly set your hair on fire, what it describes is an environment in which players like Shaw (which has pulled its funding to the CTF), are not only able to influence the creation of content (via: the funding of independent production), but also able to control the distribution of content by being a sole provider of cable, internet and high definition video programming (not to mention your phone service - land and wireless - where you can also receive their programming via mobile cell phone content).

"Video on Demand" takes on a whole new meaning.

One-stop shopping.

The problem with one-stop shopping is that it usually has one person deciding what gets sold behind the doors.

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