Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Where's the CTF money going?

In all fairness to Jim Shaw and Pierre Karl Peladeau (of Shaw and Videotron, respectively), accountability is a fair thing to expect from a fund made up of private and public tax money. I know that the little bit of money that comes from my small income tax return will never amount to the $74 million per year that those guys carve off of their revenues for the money that gets divided among how many independent producers after the "Crown", under the auspices of the CBC, takes their 37% cut.

I share the private sector's beef with the "ceeb" because, truly, the CBC sucks at programming. Big time.

Not that I don't love Peter Mansbridge or enjoy waking up to Heather Hiscox every morning. I won't even hold Jian Ghomeshi responsible for the rash that I get every time I hear is voice (I do however, hold George Stromboulopolous guilty as charged for agreeing to be the face of The Hour), but it truly falls in the laps of those few people at the CBC who make the "decisions" that piss of people like Jim Shaw and Pierre Karl Peladeau. Why shouldn't the private contributors be able to have a hand in influencing the programming that their $$,$$$,$$$ are paying for? Maybe Shaw or Peladeau have some people working for them who know how to make a CBC show that's a) Canadian and, b) entertaining....nah, they'd just program something that the 1st AD on Survivor: The Outback produced in Studio City. But anyway...

The CBC does not know what it means to be Canadian...

...because they keep showing stories about anything *BUT* what is happening in Canada (note: they do however love spinning yarns about what has happened in the past). Why? Because they are a Broadcaster themselves. Why should broadcasters (i.e. - anyone paying into the TV fund) be paying "tax" to another broadcaster?

None of the posts about the CTF in this blog should be construed as praise for the fund, but rather, as an alarm bell for how money gets taken out of Canada by large corporations who could give a s@*t about anything other than shareholder confidence and a "bottom line". It's harsh, I know, I apologize - I do. It's a Catch 22, "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario when discussing out loud - the funding process for production in this country that producers and actors depend on.

We haven't even begun to talk about the audience.

Canadian Art. Canadian Stories. Canadian Canadiana.....let's just start telling stories that we each care about and stop waiting for the government sanctioned broadcaster to tell us that "it's here!".

The following video is an example of Canadian taxpayer funding gone terribly wrong:

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