Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hello Highspeed Internet, Goodbye Canadian Television

Not that "I" told you so: "They're" telling us "it is so"

Videotron (who has pulled their funding from the CTF), has announced that they will be introducing a new ultra High-speed internet to its client base that is 400% faster than current service. CBC states, "Videotron said the higher speeds could transform its offerings, especially with the explosion of online video." (emphasis added)

Is media consolidation really happening in Canada?

Yes Virginia, days prior to the announcement of the new ultra High-speed internet service from Videotron, Rogers announced an "on-line content deal" with Videotron's parent company Quebecor (who boasts having former PM Mulroney on its executive staff). The deal bundles, "content from 11 magazines on the Internet, in a deal that will create a major online presence by combining stories from some of the country's best-known magazine websites". Hmmm...what else could they possibly bundle on-line?
I guess it makes sense to pull out of the Canadian Television Fund when you believe that television "ain't where it's at" for your advertising bucks anymore.

You say Goodbye, I say Hello

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